Here we go, I’ve taken the plunge to set up a new website.  It’s not my first website but it is the first time I have tried to build one myself.  What could possibly go wrong?

One of the things that I found overwhelming was the enormous number of possibilities that crossed my path, the thousands of themes to choose from, the endless add-ons, extras, plug-ins etc.. all relatively inexpensive until you add them all up!

There is a definite parallel here with all jewelry-makers and their stashes!

So before you head for the next bead show here is my advice and this is based on solid personal experience:

  • Beads go out of fashion so only buy small quantities
  • Buy quality not quantity
  • Don’t buy something you don’t really like just because it’s cheap, you will almost certainly never use it
  • When buying gemstones always examine the alignment of the drilling holes, one poorly drilled gemstone is enough to ruin your piece
  • Don’t buy hundreds of findings, make your own instead.  Your jewelry will look all the better for it.
  • Only buy unusual/odd colored beads if you have a definite idea of what to do with them otherwise they will just languish in the cupboard and one day you will take them out and wonder what possessed you to buy them!
  • Industrial sizes of wire mean industrial sized headaches to store and keep the metal clean
  • Have a go at haggling.  There is always some flexibility in the price of goods. What have you got to lose?

Finally, if you find you need a shopping trolley to carry your purchases then you’ve definitely bought too much!