Free tutorial: Basic Tools for Making Wire Jewelry

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What tools do you need to get started?

Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available which requires hours if not days to sift through. Some of it is contradictory, some people recommending this or that particular thing  and other people saying exactly the opposite. There is also the incomprehensible jargon experts use in their instructions but never bother to explain properly because it seems so obvious to them.

I think we have all had this kind of frustrating experience and have ended up buying “essentials” that we have never used because we weren’t quite sure what they were for.

It is true that most hobbies require some sort of equipment and usually the choice is enormous. So the secret is to know which tools and materials are absolutely essential and which are superfluous or specialized.  I also recommend you read my blog “building your stash” on the subject of materials.
Jewelry-making is a fantastic hobby very well suited to self-teaching but it can also very quickly turn very expensive not to mention space-invading!  I speak from experience and I want you to avoid making the mistakes I made when I started.  Yes, even now, years on, I still have tools that I have never used!
It is with economy and rationality in mind that I have written this tutorial “Basic Tools For Making Wire Jewelry” for all eager budding jewelry-designers to get you started on your jewelry-making career without breaking the bank and I hope you find this tutorial useful. I have pared down to the minimum the tools you need to start making wire jewelry successfully and I have tried to keep explanations simple and to the point. You will find plenty of photographs to illustrate the use of tools and a section on how to look after them.
Best of all, it’s FREE! So what are you waiting for?
No of pages: 18
No of photos: 48
Jewelry type: tools
Difficulty: beginners

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