Bonbons Earrings – jewelry tutorial

Easy to make and pretty earrings

These bonbons earrings are fun and cheap to make.  You can use any combination of colored wires for effects.  If you have ever bought packs with lots of colored wires and wondered what you could do with them all, then this is the design for you.  As the colored wires are only used for decoration they don’t need to be expensive or good quality. The permutations of colors are infinite as you have 3 elements to play with: the bead, the inner wire and the outer wire which will combine to make the bonbon bead component of your earrings.

Most wire-workers have a particular metal which they favor above all others and I have to admit that had I not won a huge lot of colored wires as part of a prize in a competition, I probably would never have used them in my jewelry.  Yet colors open up a whole new dimension by making wire rather than beads the center of attention.

Colored wires do have a couple of drawbacks: the range of gauges and tempers is limited and excessive force with tools can peel the coating.  Fortunately, this design bypasses these problems.

The gauge suggested 0.5mm/24 ga is the maximum you should use but the design will work equally well with a thinner gauge although you would have to make more wraps.

As the design requires working mostly with fingers the colored wire will only come into contact with tools when making the loops.

If you are a beginner, you will find these bonbons earrings very easy to make and even easier if you buy ready-made rings.

Once you have learnt to make the bead you do not have to go on to making earrings.  You can attach it to other findings such as key rings or memory sticks. They are very sturdy which makes them ideal for color coding.

There are 20 steps, 12 pages and 26 photos in this tutorial.

Difficulty: BEGINNER

Materials for 1 bonbon bead:

  • 60cm/24” 0.5mm/24 gauge soft round wire Colour A
  • 1m/40” 0.5mm/24 gauge soft round wire Colour B
  • 1 12mm round bead
  • 8cm/3” 1mm/18 gauge round wire

Double quantities for a pair of earrings and add 2 ear wires


  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • ring sizer (UK P size, USA 7 ½) or 18mm/ 0.7” mandrel
  • Hammer and block
  • File
  • Clear sticky tape

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