Free tutorial: all about wire for making jewelry

free tutorial wire for jewelery making

Do you need wire?

Sooner or later in your jewelry making career you will have to use wire even if you only ever make beaded earrings.  At the beginning, you will buy many ready-made findings and they are perfectly adequate for the purpose but you will soon find that you just can’t stock every shape, every metal, every size and that making your own findings is not only cheaper but it also makes your jewelry truly unique and gives you real control over the quality of your piece.   Unfortunately, some findings are poor quality and you can never be sure of their composition which could be an important consideration for allergies (for instance if they contain nickel).

What are findings?

These are all the finishing components of a piece of jewelry, usually unnoticed but absolutely vital such as jump rings ( basic connectors between two parts of jewelry), headpins (a small length of wire with a stopper at one end so your bead does not fall out), clasps (to open and close your piece) to name but a few .  The good news is that most findings can be made with wire.

What will you find in this free tutorial about wire for jewelry making?

I explain the various types of wires suitable for jewelry making, the various metals you can use, the sizes available, the pros and cons of different tempers and much more. If you become as passionate about wire jewelry as I am,  you will find many tutorials at differing levels of difficulty on this website to help turn your passion  into beautiful projects.

I hope you will find this wire guide useful. Don’t miss the handy chart detailing which gauge of wire works best for what type of jewelry.

Best of all this tutorial is absolutely FREE for you to download and enjoy.

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