Wire Woven Flower Bangle – Jewelry Tutorial

wire woven bangle jewelry tutorial

Bangle Problems

There is nothing nicer than wearing one or more bangles in the summer when we have a chance to uncover our arms.  However, there are several problems with the bangles you can buy commercially.

First with their size:  they are not adapted to your particular size so there is a great deal of luck involved in finding one that fits perfectly.  They can be either uncomfortable if too small or easy to lose if too big.

Second, they are almost always round in shape whereas your wrist is oval so if your bangle has a pretty focal bead or design it will inevitably end on the underside of your wrist where it can’t be seen and risks getting damaged.

This is because the central piece is relatively heavy and bangles are made loose enough to enable you to slip them on giving the focal cabochon enough space to turn downwards.

Third, the clasps are on the inside of your wrist making it quite painful to do things such as typing.

Bangle solutions

So it was with a view to resolve all these problems that I set out to design a bangle which can be adapted to any size of wrist and whose central design will stay firmly on the top where it can be admired.  The clasp is on the side of the flower so the bangle is completely smooth and comfortable to wear.

The focal flower is removable.  The  frame it is based on can be used for many other variations giving you full scope to implement your own ideas. The possibilities are endless but the principle will remain the same.

You will also find instructions on how to measure your wrist and I give instructions for 3 different wrist sizes.  This will teach you how to adapt measurements to your own wrist so any size can be made.

There are also clear separate instructions to do the weave.

This is your chance to have your own made-to-measure bangle.

Please note that this tutorial is written using metric measurements for more accuracy.

This is an advanced tutorial with 52 steps, 30 pages, 84 photos.

Difficulty: ADVANCED

Materials needed:

  • 150cm 0.3mm/28ga wire.
  • 48cm-70cm 1mm/18ga round wire (depending on the size of your wrist)
  • 15cm 0.8mm/20ga round wire
  • 50cm 0.4mm/26ga wire
  • 1 large/ 10mm pearl or bead
  • 8 8mm saucer/rondelle beads


  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Marker pen/ruler
  • Hammer and block
  • Mallet or nylon head hammer
  • Stepped mandrel
  • Oval bracelet mandrel
  • Measuring tape
  • Cleaning cloth

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