Frequently Asked Questions

About Making Jewelry

Q – I’m a complete beginner.  Where do I start?

Jewelry making is a great hobby for self-teaching.  I suggest that you first download my free tutorials.  Do it in this order:

  1. Basic Tools for Making Wire Jewelry.  This will tell you which tools are absolutely essential to get started as well as how and why you use them.  It will save you from buying unnecessary tools which you might never use.
  2. All about wire.  You can’t avoid wire in jewelry making.  Even if you don’t specialize in wire work you will come across it in findings such as head pins and jump rings. So it’s a good thing to learn all about it.
  3. Making a loop on a headpin.  Now you are getting started.  Making loops is the most basic yet the most important learning step in jewelry making and immediately you will be able to make a pair of earrings or a dangly bracelet.
  4. Making long dangly earrings.  Now you can learn to capture a bead or a set of beads between 2 loops.  This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

These are the essential free tutorials I recommend you try first.  Then have a look at my beginners’ tutorials when you feel more confident.

Q – What do the levels of difficulty mean?

  1. Beginner:  You can make loops (free tutorial) and you want to progress to your next project. The tutorial is well enough explained and illustrated for a complete beginner.
  2. Easy: You now have a lot more confidence and are ready for the next step.  The easy projects will stretch you a little more but are all well within the capabilities of a beginner.  Easy projects are generally quick to make.
  3. Intermediate: Intermediate tutorials assume that you already have a sound knowledge of the basics, a certain level of proficiency and you are prepared for a more challenging project. These projects may involve the use of a new tool or a new technique.
  4. Advanced:  You are now so experienced that your pliers are an extension of your hand.  These tutorials require dexterity and practice and an investment in time.  They are more focused on the design than on the techniques.

It is important to choose the right level for your ability so you can progress properly.  It is also a good idea to complete several items from one project to give yourself some practice.

The general rule of thumb is to make it 3 times.  By the 3rd time, you will be proficient in the technique and you will have ironed out all the problems.

Q – What’s in the tutorials?

By downloading the free tutorials you will already have a very good idea of what to expect as regards my style but here is what you will find in my tutorials:

  • A clear picture of the finished product
  • An explanation of the design
  • A list of materials and tools necessary to complete the project
  • Measurements in both metric and imperial systems (ex. centimeters and inches).  Choose one system or the other but not both at the same time as they are not exactly equivalent.  I design mostly in the metric system and bead sizes are always expressed in millimeters.
  • Step by step written explanations
  • Step by step large clear photos, as many as needed
  • Detailed illustrated explanations of techniques (ex. weaving)
  • Other ideas for the design where appropriate.

What you will not find in the tutorials:

  • Adverts
  • I give sizes of wires and beads but not what metal, what color, what bead or where you can purchase them.   I am always careful to select bead sizes and shapes that are easily obtainable so anyone, anywhere, can replicate my designs.

What if I get stuck or I have a question?

I’m only an e-mail away…

I will endeavor to answer your e-mail as quickly as possible.

Can I sell jewelry made from your designs?

Absolutely.  I would be delighted if you did.  I have set a limit of 50 pieces per design which I think is sufficient for a homeworker and to protect my designs from unscrupulous mass producers but if you want to make more just contact me and tell me why, we can always negotiate.

So what are copyrights?

Very simply, what you are not allowed to do is copy ANY of my words, photos, designs (including those published on this website) and use them.  Example: you purchase one of my tutorials, you print 20 copies and teach it in a class or distribute it among your friends.  That’s not allowed.  You post one of my free tutorials on your own website or blog without linking it to my website. Not allowed.  I am not completely inflexible in this but I do like to be asked.